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Do you want an eco-friendly cleaning solution?

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Statistically Speaking

Based on 60 Cases of 2 x 5 litre bottles

Blue lorry

75% Saving

on average transportation

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80% Lighter

Avoiding injury when lifting

Storage container

37x More

Storage Space


70% Less


Do you need a
cleaning solution?

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Better for the planet, better for you

  • Eco house

    Reduced Storage

    Less space required for storage and distribution. Tubs and re-sealable plastic bags for easy effective transportation/storage/ dispensing. Reduced storage space against traditional products.

  • Eco earth


    Designated / re-useable trigger sprays. Flexible packaging formats from 20 to 150 sachets in a pack . No costly dispensing equipment required, wasteful of resources

  • Eco tag

    Cost Control & Training

    Easy to use cleaning plans. Easy to use dispensing shelf for storage

  • Water droplets

    Effective Cleaning/Disinfection

    Effective formulations, 100% biodegradable / phosphate free Range of products for different application areas. Cleaner / disinfectant conforms to EN 1276.

  • Recycling bin

    Reduce Waste

    88% reduction in packaging. One tub of 100 bucket sachets equates to 5 x 5 litre containers.

  • Panda

    We don't test on animals

    We never have, and we never will. We ensure that none of our raw materials are of animal origin or are tested on animals. We are proud to be accredited by both Cruelty Free International and the Vegan Society as an approved manufacturer.

  • Industry Sectors

    Facilities Management

    Building and Construction

    Medical Instrument Cleaning

    Dental Applications