Gladstone House, 26-30 Station Road, Urmston, Manchester, England M41 9JQ
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Gladstone House



Whether travelling clockwise or anticlockwise on the M60, junction 7 is the best exit to follow to find Gladstone House.

Follow signs for Manchester A56 and then Manchester/Stretford A56.

Stay in the left hand lane on the A56.

Follow Urmston A5181 signs.

Turn left down Sandy Lane, (A5181) and drive to the end. Turn left again on Urmston Lane for approximately 2 miles, passing under the motorway, and past the Shell garage on the left hand side

At the traffic lights bear right towards Davyhulme.

From these traffic lights, looking down the road you are travelling on, you will see a large tree. Behind the tree, on the brick wall, is a large Chemlink logo. (See green arrow on image below.) This marks the entrance to the car park at Gladstone House.

(Gladstone House is directly opposite the 'Italian Job' Restaurant)

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