Our group family of five companies are all a part of the chemical industry with each focused and concentrating on a specific area of expertise.

We share common values, best practice processes and expert resource; the research and development team are positioned at the apex of the group structure which allows them to support each of the five companies as needed.

Working in this way encourages the cross pollination of ideas, assists the continuation of best practice and fosters a creative culture. Where there is a design requirement all of our R&D team will have input to the product composition as well as the peer review and testing process working closely with the project lead to develop the optimum solution.

The Group


Chemlink offers a wide range of specialty raw materials primarily, surfactants, preservatives and biocides, from extensive stocks held in their UK warehouse. With their own laboratories they add value to their client’s businesses, by offering an application and formulation led approach to chemical distribution, backed by a comprehensive product range from quality manufacturers. Based at their Manchester Laboratory facilities Chemlink distributes throughout the UK & EIRE


Established in 2006, Addi-Tec became the fourth member of the Chemlink Group of companies. Based in Manchester, Addi-Tec presents a sophisticated range of performance chemicals to the Plastics and the Paints and Coatings industries. In addition to harnessing the expertise of leading producers of performance chemicals, Addi-Tec accesses the group technical/laboratory facilities in Urmston, Manchester and always strives to meet ever more stringent technical and regulatory demands at reasonable cost.

J1 Technologies

J1 Technologies is focused on the development of formulated products and surface-active agents, through application, testing and research. Products have evolved by solving problems and optimising performance in a wide range of industrial processes. J1 Technologies was one of the first companies in the UK to be issued a permit under The Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) regulations, to manufacture Surface Active Agents (Surfactants), involving reaction.

Core Additive Technologies

CORE is an additive supplier and technical solution company supporting four main market segments across the whole of Europe and beyond: Construction, Oil & Gas, Road and Environmental. The range of products is wide and varied including additives to reduce the production temperature of asphalt for road construction, cleaning products for heat exchangers, scent removers, and site decontamination. CORE is based at Thornton Science Park near Stanlow refinery in Ellesmere Port and office space and laboratory in a newly refurbished building called the Energy Centre.