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Reduce packaging waste with Applied Innovation from SOLUPAK

Applications in retail & throughout industry

Auto dish detergents


Construction additives

Cosmetics and toiletries

Horticultural products

Laundry detergents

Specialty cleaners

Water treatment chemicals

Solupak are committed to research and development, bringing together the right ingredients to provide satisfaction for our customers.


Solupak offer packaging waste solutions using water soluble (PVOH) films and granules for flexible and rigid packaging, together with an in-depth knowledge of associated chemistries.


Formulation & product development
Adapting your existing products for use with PVOH
Testing and trials

Why Water Soluble?

PVOH technology can provide an environmental and marketing advantage to your products. Manufacturers and consumers face increasing restrictions on packaging waste in industry and in the home.

Solupak's Films and Sachets

These excel in situations where unit dosing is required or where reduction in risks of handling hazardous materials are desirable.

Solupak Water Soluble Packaging

Where soluble films and sachets cannot be used we can offer rigid PVOH packaging solutions - we have the knowledge and the right partners to transform your current outer packaging into water soluble. The end user can then dispose easily without recycling or putting in the bin.

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