Why water soluble

PVOH technology can provide an environmental and marketing advantage to your products. Manufacturers and consumers face increasing restrictions on packaging waste in industry and in the home.

Solupak's Films and Sachets
These excel in situations where unit dosing is required or where reduction in risks of handling hazardous materials are desirable.

Solupak Water Soluble Packaging
We have the knowledge to transform your current packaging into water soluble. No contaminated package waste to dispose of.

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About Us

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What we offer

Solupak have nearly 2 decades of experience in the formulation, blending, manufacturing, packaging and testing of water soluble films, sachets and granules (PVOH). Based just off the M62 in Yorkshire, we distribute across the UK, Europe, the Far East and Australasia. All our processes take place in-house and we work hard to ensure the lowest possible carbon footprint and all our products are approved by Cruelty Free International and Ecolabel (where appropriate).